Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dye Time!

Well, my daughter and I had an incredible time this summer dyeing and spinning fibers to yarn. Her skill as a spinner is amazing, and we had lots of bonding time over the spinning wheels! She treated spinning as her summer job, and her yarns often sold quicker than mine--what a gal.

Now that school has started, it's been time to dye up lots of yarns I've collected, and skein them up for my Etsy shop. Here you see the wonderful use to which I put my excercise bike. No sacrifice is too great for the sake of color! Somehow my fingers just love the feel of fibers, and the constant lure of colors is irresistible.

And finally, to entertain you, some rainbow-dyed firestar, which will spark up my future spinning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow!! some beautiful colors there.. I've saw your shop on etsy where I sell things too. Wish I could afford some of your yarn.. maybe one of these days.
BTW did you know that you can put a link with pic's to your etsy store on your blog? Might be a great way to sell your yarn.